Real estate marketing

As architects we have a good sense for visualizing space, therefore, we have the ability to shape and form the interiors of a building in modern, attractive, inspiring and exciting ways. Planning the interior concept of a building is one of our strength. But just as much we can shape a unique internal space, we can also create a distinct uniqueness in the communication and PR of the building.

The new concept of a building requires a new image and communication. Our marketing and PR specialists will consult with you to help you find unique and efficient solutions to your building concept, which our specialists will implement.

We offer and carry out complex services including building marketing. If our clients require, we include building marketing in our Building Concept.

Building marketing includes:

–    Setting up an all-inclusive marketing strategy for introducing the new building to the market and for advertizing it
–    Planning the image of the new building (giving a name to the building, web design)
–    Photography
–    Producing fliers, graphic design
–    Putting together a communication plan (advertisement, connecting potential clients), PR work (publications, PR articles, organizing events to promote the building)