Our Building Concept

There are many estates, offices, industrial or commercial buildings and houses available for sale investments, developments, for extension or reassessment. Our Building Concept elaborates the plans initially dreamt of by the owners. It produces a professional plan of the development ideas, calculates the business expenses and provides all the necessary data for making an informed decision.

Our responsibilities include:

–    The evaluation of the premises;
–    Investment counselling;
–    Architectural design, visual design;
–    Preparation of sketches, concept plans, master plans;
–    Building authorization plan, final contstruction drawing (for investments or applications);
–    Cost Calculation;

In our preparation of our fully comprehensive planning we pay exceptional attention to the preservation of architectural design values. We harmonize our clients’ needs with the potentials of the buildings and with cost-effectiveness.

Our Building Concept provides the following services:

The evaluation of the premises: it includes the appraisal of the natural and built environment, the location, the quality, the users, the connectivity to transportation and the given characteristics.

Program analysis: it includes the function related measures, the functional connections between the interior and external spaces and their connectivity, the number of users and vehicles, their spatial and temporal distribution.

Guidelines for construction: offering one or more alternatives, which record the mass of the building and its relation to its environment and the location of the interior functional units.
Architectural design: putting forward proposals concerning the characteristics of the planned constructions, sketching the possible visuals of the facade, of the openings, recommending the potential materials.

Cost Calculation: we calculate all the necessary expenses for decision making on each and every level of the process.

A brief overview of the responsibilities of our Building Concept:

Guidance for evidence-based decision making:
We analyse and evaluate the characteristics of the premises for the planned construction in light of the specific particulars of the environment. It is based on the computation and cost calculation of each phase of the work, if necessary, substantiated by floor plans on a 1:500 ratio.

Master plan:
Based on the scale of the work, we prepare the floor plans and site plans on 1:2000, 1:1000, 1:500 and 1:200 ratios. We provide the arrangements for architectural, horticultural, vehicular surveys, and for the description of utility services and of the applied technologies.

Concept plan:
Based on the scale of the work, we prepare the floor plans and site plans on 1:2000 and 1:500 ratios, and we also estimate the approximate costs. We provide architectonic, architectural surveys, and the description of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Depending on the functional complexity of the development target, we may need to involve further professionals, e.g. in the early phase of planning a shopping center, we need to hire a fire control expert.

Building authorization plan:
We prepare the floor and site plans on a 1:100 ratio. We present the visual of the applied architectural technologies, the potential materials and colours. Based on the nature of the work, all the experts demonstrate each and every phase of their work based on their calculations and technical description, all in harmony with the applicable regulations of their fields.

Implementation plan:
Processing the building authorization plan approved by our clients. Preparing all the specialist reports, plans, calculations, technological descriptions and their detailed cost calculation in accordance with the respective regulations.